“Are you ready?

Yes, Why?

It’s time.”

Where I am from? I live in between. In between places, feelings, dreams and direction. 



Some of my Braintraffic

Spring it up!

Do you see them? The first tiny tree buds through your window corner? It’s finally time: Spring is coming. The world slowly awakes, and even though Corona is changing all our lives, the spring, for some idiotic reason, gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

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Anyone can be lucky, but not everyone can invest.

Drive in Life

I wanted something new. Something exciting and enriching to learn and develop. Sure, having university certificates is of great importance, but honestly you don’t really learn anything useful for your future business life. So, I figured an internship to develop my practical skills would be the perfect supplement. I thought it wasn’t a big deal to find an internship next to a full-time study program. I was wrong. After more than thirty applications I started to feel disappointed and lost. But all my efforts paid off. Efforts always pay off, believe me. Read more…

I want to encourage you to invest your efforts. I know you are strong enough if your wish is. No matter what you want to do: founding a company, applying for a new job, or reading a book. Do it! I promise, your efforts will never be for nothing.

Conscious Meaning

No matter where I go, there is always one topic accompanying me:


In university it hides behind topics like reflections, intercultural awareness or sustainability, at work our target audience are conscious shoppers. But what does it actually mean to be conscious? Read more…

Appreciation. We humans are all looking for it, whether it is in our jobs, sports, or being a mom: everyone is striving for recognition and appreciation, because it fulfills us. It makes us happy because we see a sense in our existence and make an impact.

What does it cost to be nice?

I step into the next train, first thing I see, three empty beer bottles. I pick them up, throw them in the trash and find my seat. The woman next to me, munching on her greasy fries, while two rows in front a man decided he needs a cologne refresh. I start to ask myself: Why do I care, and they obviously don’t? Why aren’t we watching out for one another and respect each other’s feelings, or at least consider them in our decisions? Read more…

We all share this beautiful faith of being on this earth; let’s please appreciate and try to use our time with useful thoughts, that develop us, touch us and hopefully also change us. Not changing also means not learning, not developing and not reflecting on the things we have done or the choices we made.

Welcome to CéMollective a place to share and change.

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Want more sunshine? Make it!

Did you ever have a wow moment? I mean that kind of moment that happens maybe three or four times in your live, when you’re lucky? That moment where you feel so warm and happy insight, like you got it all? Read more…

Célina in a nutshell

I am Célina, lovely seeing you here. I am the kind of person who questions things, always have been. I want to know, to understand and explore, ever since I was born 21 years ago. The early twenties of my life have been an important phase of development, because I’ve started to detach myself from the influences that used to pressure me in school, but most importantly, I discovered my goal in life: finding myself, peace and happiness within.