What is happening?

I find myself in front of the news, night after night, listen to politician’s speeches and follow the live ticker on my phone. For people who never had to live through a modern war, it certainly feels like one.

But instead of talking about anxiety and frustration, let’s turn the tables: Spread hope and happiness. I suggest using the time to take a breath within our fast-paced lives & come to peace at the place we should love most: Home.

In a couple of years, I want to think back: How nice was this time with family or friends, how amazing that our society became more solidary and how convenient that we did our environment a favor.

Most importantly

#1 Many young people wonder why they should stay at home, even if they catch the virus it wouldn’t kill them. But you have to take a broader look: it is no longer about the virus itself, there are many economic, environmental and organizational problems arising from the spread of corona. So even though you might not be affected by the disease itself, you will by its broader affects. To me there is only one quick exit: staying home.

#2 Yes, certainly washing hands is of major importance, but there is much more. In average people touch there face round about 25 times per hour. Thus, avoid touching your face at all (which is by the way quite a challenge itself). Moreover, everything that you touch outside of your home has been touched by someone else, bare this in mind.

#3 I can only talk about Germany, but people here are not taking protection seriously yet. Are you running around with gloves and mouth protection? Get ready for some confused looks and devaluation. I believe everybody should wear mouth protection and gloves, not just to protect oneself but all the ones around you. I think by now everybody has realized that you can be a corona host without having symptoms. I want to encourage everybody to be solidary and think about our society as a whole, not just oneself.

Upside news: You have time to:

  • Read a book
  • Play a boardgame
  • Have a yoga session
  • Do a spa day at home
  • Watch a new or your favorite movie
  • Take some family pictures
  • Take a bath
  • Sort out your closet or office
  • Redecorate
  • Paint a painting
  • Play on your vintage game console
  • Have a date night at home
  • Cook your favorite or a new meal
  • Get some sun on your balcony
  • Do some spring cleaning
  • Sleep a whole day
  • Look old pictures or do a slide show
  • Clean up your computer
  • Reorganize your closet
  • Write down any of your thoughts

#1 Tip: Start a bucket list for after this crisis

I believe we will all be stuck in this for more than two weeks, so why don’t we try to make the best out of it and see this as a chance to grow beyond ourselves and society as a whole?

Especially in these times I find it important to continue producing valuable content, to give you inspiration, a smile and entertainment.

If there is anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out @ “Share your Braintraffic” – I am happy to advise or support you!

Let’s send hope to people that cannot be at home, trapped at a crowded airport or foreign country, and of course health and luck to the sick people lying alone in hospitals. We should all follow Spain and Italy and give all people an applause that support and help within this crisis. Thank you, you are incredible!

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