CéM in a nutshell

21 Years Young

Student: International Business

I am CéM. I am the kind of person who questions things, always have been. I want to know, to understand and explore, ever since I was born 21 years ago. The early twenties of my life have been an important phase of development, because I’ve started to detach myself from the influences that used to pressure me in school, but most importantly, I discovered my goal in life: finding myself, peace and happiness within. I believe this is a goal of anyone here on this beautiful planet. I mean where would lie the sense of it otherwise?

I want to exchange thoughts, reflections and moments, which will help find and develop myself, and hopefully do the same for you.

I am currently located in the Netherlands where I also study. I commute to my country of origin, Germany, most of the weekends. I am a lot among people, but almost never with them. I sit in the train for hours and hours watching and observing thousands of people staring on their phones or iPad’s, while I am looking outside the window wondering why all the sheep stand in the same direction. I am different, always have been, but now the time comes where I want to capture this difference and use it to define myself.

We all share this beautiful faith of being on this earth; let’s please appreciate and try to use our time with useful thoughts, that develop us, touch us and hopefully also change us. Not changing also means not learning, not developing and not reflecting on the things we have done or the choices we made.

Welcome to CéMollective a place to share and change!