Drive in Life

I wanted something new. Something exciting and enriching to learn and develop. Sure, having university certificates is of great importance, but honestly you don’t really learn anything useful for your future business life. So, I figured an internship to develop my practical skills would be the perfect supplement. I thought it wasn’t a big deal to find an internship next to a full-time study program. I was wrong. After more than thirty applications I started to feel disappointed and lost. But all my efforts paid off. Efforts always pay off, believe me.

We all know this one person, who “never studies” but always gets one of the best grades in class. Most of the time these people are confident characters, wrapping their self in insecurity. Too many times I thought they would fail because they have presented themselves so doubtfully. But surprise, they received another good grade.

This is a typical example of anxiety to fail combined with the assumption being lucky is “cool” and arises envy. I never understood this, as my parents always taught me to work for what I want to achieve. To me it is much “cooler” to invest efforts and then actually be successful because of them.

Anyone can be lucky, but not everyone can invest.

Investing always goes hand in hand with a risk of failing. Not everybody is strong enough and willing to take this risk and therefore hides behind lies like “I haven’t studied”.

I am proud to say I wrote 44 applications and then finally got accepted. It displays my efforts and shows that they have been paid off. This internship opened up so many doors for me and developed my character so much, I don’t even want to imagine where or who I would be otherwise.

My tip: Keep a personal list in your phone or notebook collecting the efforts you have invested. From time to time take a look at the list and check if something has paid off. I promise most of the efforts will be paid off within five years. They might not even be topic related: For instance, my internship applications gave me an advantage in writing, which is why I scored a better grade in a thesis. 

I want to encourage you to invest your efforts. I know you are strong enough if your wish is. No matter what you want to achieve: founding a company, finding a new job, or finishing your latest book. Do it! I promise, your efforts will never be for nothing.

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