Executive Summary

X stands for exceptional professional quality, serving many multinational companies. To keep up with their brand expectations they have recently purchased a new machine which will be able to increase their capacity massively. Now they are looking for the most suitable strategy to adapt their operational processes.

The goal of the project is to deliver X strategic advice on how to proceed the next three to five years to be able to increase sales on their chocolate coating product and achieve maximum capacity. Through primary research, such as interviews and field research with the company and customers, as well as secondary desk research about markets and competitors, a strategy has been developed to reach the research goal.

Main problems within finance, marketing, supply chain management and human research have been identified, to develop a channeled solution to overcome them.

Firstly, X is not able to compete with international price levels, which is why they strategically serve more niche markets where they can sell lower quantities. Due to the unscalability of this approach it is advisable to adapt the strategy and focus on a more cost-efficient approach to be more compatible on price points.

Marketing wise X has not been able to reach a well-established brand awareness, which requires more efforts through online and offline marketing, such as optimum usage of social media and the development of a vendor deck to present their company appropriately and professional to new possible customers.

The organization as a whole, functions well but lacks opportunities for employees to develop on a language level as well as in operational expertise, which is why an innovation in their personnel development program is strongly advised. Lastly X’s international efforts need to be more streamlined, especially regarding their supply chain. When maximizing international activities these operations can be better established and reorganized within international departments, which in the end serves the main goal of achieving higher profits and maximum capacity.

The report contains a structured implementation plan with specific actions and measurements for X to follow and implement. Working on the above identified problems will massively help X to achieve their goal of maximizing capacity and sales.

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