Management as a Digital Citizen 3

The nine themes of digital citizenship describe the use of technology and established the goal to develop appropriate norms and guidelines. These guidelines aim at building a positive digital experience, recognizing the chain of action and self-reflection, and to create value for society.

Reflecting about the nine elements I was astonished as I had not realized how much the society has changed. When I was a child, technology was not really part of my life. I did become a phone when I was 8, but it was only for emergencies and really expensive to use. I was always afraid of touching anything wrong, because it would cost me a fortune. Generation Z has been growing with the technology, which is probably why they can adapt fast to changes in technology and understand it on a different level.

I always had digital access. When I went to pre-school, we had computer lessons where we did our “computer driver’s license”. The whole school shared the computers, and we had this class 4 times a year or so. This reflects the digital access. I do believe though that in high school everything was still very old-fashioned. I believe students should now-a-days do most of their works digitally, as it prepares them better for real-life.

The first time Digital Commerce become a topic for me was when starting my internship. I work as an e-commerce coordinator, which is how I started to understand not only the buyer end, but also the demand side. I do believe that these topics should be covered during mandatory high school classes, as they give you a different insight on the computer and its system as a whole. Further I believe that during my past I have learned way too little about Digital Etiquette, Digital Rights & Responsibility and Digital Security and Privacy. These topics should have been covered latest in the first year of university, but preferably in high school. Digital Fluency and Digital law are both topics to me with which I connect no transparency. I do believe there should be more education and overall, more effort of the government to teach about.

The last year has taught us a lot, but especially that Digital Communication and Collaboration and Digital Health and Welfare play a vital part when it comes to technology. We rely on them a lot and it plays an important role when it comes to globalization.

Overall, I do believe that these nine elements are all very important, but are unfortunately not communicated as they should. This results in knowledge gaps of users and therefore in a great reliability in the industry.


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