Spring it up!

Do you see them? The first tiny tree buds through your window corner? It’s finally time: Spring is coming. The world slowly awakes, and even though Corona is changing all our lives, the spring, for some idiotic reason, gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

I remember four months ago: the days were getting shorter, the temperatures colder and my mood worse. Do you also find yourself in some kind of winter depression? I always feel like I stop appreciating our environment, like everything freezes for a couple of months. I used to love the winter; back then, when it used to snow.

When I was little it snowed every year, but the older I got the less it was. This year I haven’t seen snow a single time. To me the climate change and its obvious affects make the winter even more depressing, because you literally feel a shift is taking place. Yet, another reason to be grateful of the spring.

I wonder how you encounter spring’s return and at the same time want to share how I celebrate its comeback:

Take a walk for at least half an hour five times a week

Cuddle up in the sun for at least 10 minutes a day & smile

Watch the sunset at least three times a week

Mention as often as I can that the flowers are coming out & how beautiful they are

After waking up, open the window for at least five minutes and listen to the birds

Get my backyard & balcony ready, to spend more time outside

I’m curious to hear what you think about spring, especially within this corona crisis. Do you prepare in any way or show appreciation of its comeback?

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