Want more sunshine? Make it!

Did you ever have a wow moment? I mean that kind of moment that happens maybe three or four times in your live, when you’re lucky? That moment where you feel so warm and happy inside, like you got it all? Everybody should collect and be aware of these magical moments. They shape us. And if we do the right thing and follow that feeling, it will affect our well-being.

The Air was dry and warm. Like a normal day in South Africa’s desert. But it was going to be my day. A special day full of wow, but I didn’t know it yet. What I knew; I was going to feed elephants. Elephants that have been orphaned and have found a beautiful new home in South Africa’s desert.

There I was. Standing in front of them. All three, large yet calmly fanned their ears to cool down. Even though there was no music, they were perfectly intact. I had no clue how much I would feel in this moment. But I realized I had never been that happy before. It felt like sunshine was streaming through my whole body and I couldn’t believe it was real.

This feeling changed me. I don’t know why it was this exact moment, but it taught me: This is how you should feel more often. Attempt to make every moment you can a happy moment and therefore raise the chances of creating or discovering more of these rare “wow” moments.

To try: The perception of moments mostly relies on its receiver. If you actually want to try to enjoy moments more, you should focus less on the negative. This works by accepting the current circumstances and concentrate your efforts and thoughts onto positive matters. Be aware you can only change what lies in your power. For instance, a surprisingly cold rain shower can be a refreshing walk leading to a wonderfully warm shower, or, if you want it to be, an awful experience.

Happiness is nothing you or I can learn overnight. It is a process that requires large personal development and strengths to allow inner sunshine to sparkle. 

4 thoughts on “Want more sunshine? Make it!

  1. I agree mostly, sometimes it is though to ignore these negative feelings or even sadness.
    I really enjoy your style of writing 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true Daniel, thanks! Recently I have experienced the same thing, which is why I am trying to develop a general positive attitude. This is indeed extremely hard and requires a lot of personal work and reflection, but I can already feel a difference and believe if I work harder it will get better and better. Patience and Ambitiousness is key here. We will get there 💪🏼


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